Vampire Slayer Characters

EDGAR (vampire)

Edgar is a vampire and a gentleman.

He was born in Scotland in 1851 and has a weak spot for human hearts. When he is not fighting slayers, Edgar likes to go to the cinema.

If you see him like this, chances are it’s too late for you!

FATHER D. (Slayer)

As the name implies, Father D works for the Church. Trained as a preacher, he now specialises in slaying vampires in the name of the lord. Father D prefers a shotgun and stake combo.

Some people think the D stands for “Death” while others think it stands for “Dave”.

Quote: “I kick ass for the Lord!”

The Father in action!
The last thing many vampires ever see!

LOUIS (Vampire)

Louis is a distant relative of Dracula and as such, is a very traditional vampire.

He sports a fine set of fangs and isn’t afraid to use them. Louis has lived for a very long time and can be very cunning and difficult to see, until it’s too late, of course!

The “Louis Leap” - not a pretty sight if you’re a Slayer.

MOLLY (Slayer)

Molly is a debutaunt and her rich family background allow her to persue her most dangerous past-time, vampire slaying.

Molly is a skilled sniper and prefers to slay Vampires using her stake-firing crossbow from as far away from the wretched creatures as humanly possible!

Quote: “Vampire slaying is my life, and theirs hopefully!”

NINA (Vampire)

Female and deadly, Nina is a vampire to be very wary of. She often catches many less experienced slayers by surprise!

Maybe they’re too busy admiring her outfit, who knows...

Nina is a music fan and often hangs around nightclubs and various other seedy dives.

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