Vampire Slayer FGD for Valve Hammer


If you would like to build a map for use in VS, download the file below and unzip to your 'Valve Hammer Editor' directory (with 'use folder names' ticked).

Download Vampire Slayer FGD for Valve Hammer:


Run Valve Hammer and configure it to use the vs.fgd. Look in Tools/Options/GameConfigurations/GameDataFiles.

In the fgd you’ll see info_player_vampire and info_player_slayer. All you need to do is make sure there are 16 of each type and add in a couple of info_player_deathmatch too (this entity gets used when you first join and are in the menu screens).

This fgd contains an env_efx for the new vs fx system and an env_fog, if you have any questions about using it please ask in the mapping forum.

VS sunlight - If you wish to use vampire burning sunlight in your map, simply make a trigger_hurt entity and set the damage type to burn and set the damage amount. This damage type only hurts vampires.

I use Valve Hammer, you can download it here.

If you have any problems please ask in the mapping forum.

Recommended r_speeds are below 800 on average.

If you map using Quark, I have been sent a configuraion file for it here. Thanks Art.

To submit, send it to me at

Latest Files

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VS Chapter VI for Linux Servers

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