Our Father by Archaeus

Embracing his dying daughter's body, Father D feels his soul tear at the seams. Choking on blood, his daughter mumbles some words with much difficulty. The words, although completely unrecognizable, touched Father D's heart, since he knew not what the words were, but what they meant. He replied softly, "I know dear, I know. Hold on a while longer until the ambulance comes..." In his ears, he heard the siren of the ambulance in the distance, and he knew help will soon be on it's way. Praying constantly for Lila, he held her closer to his chest and said to himself, "May the Lord protect us all, now that this evil has been unleashed upon this world." Just then several ambulances arrived and started loading the victims in the vehicles. They came to Father D and took his daughter in a stretcher. He was allowed inside the ambulance to comfort her while they proceeded with the medical actions. Looking down at his daughter, Father D's sight became clouded with tears, but tried to remain comforting to her as the ambulance sped away...

Later in the emergency waiting room, Father D had harsh flashbacks of what happened last night. It scarred his mind remembering what happened. The screams, and the shouts were too much for him. Just to think, it all started out as a simple church service...

It had all began when a group of cloaked hooded men walked into the church. Father D was rather nervous of these suspicious looking men at the back of the church. His nervousness was brought up since his church hardly ever had visitors. The service went on as planned, and the strange hooded men stayed relatively quiet. What seemed to provoke the men however, was Lila's beautiful voice during the offering ceremony. The notes were as soft as a feather, but it seemed like they were torturing the men in the back. All of the sudden, one of them stood up and exclaimed, "STOP! THIS SHOULD NOT GO ON ANY LONGER!" The group, which had been concealing their faces with their hoods all the time, pulled the hoods away. A wave of shock and horror swept throughout the congregation as people left and right stared at the secretive men's faces. The cold, dull eyes just glared back at the congregation. The sickly pale skin seemed to barely hang on to the bodies. What seemed the worst of all the features these creatures supported were the long and slender canines protruding through the lips of the men. Once again, the same beast spoke to the mass of frightened people, "Silence! All of you stay where you are! We are the few remaining of our kind. The immortal souls wandering this earth. We are vampires. Forget what you have been taught about us, hardly any of it is true. We have risen together, and you are now before the members of the vampire revolution! For centuries we have been forced to solitude. We received no sympathy, compassion, or love from others beside our own kind. That time has come to a halt, beginning now! All humans will pay for our eternal suffering and pain. Prepare yourselves for your so-called 'afterlife' for you will be our first sire to reveal ourselves to the world."

"Welcome my children to the era of the Vampire!"

The creature finished his speech, and then let out ferocious roar. The vampire minions immediately scattered throughout the church with amazing speed. Several secured the exits and one even climbed up the rope to the bell tower with relative ease. That was when things went wrong, for just then, a member of the congregation pulled out a pistol from his jacket and opened fire on the vampire closest to him. The vampire never saw it coming. The vampire went down with 3 shots to the head and torso. After the third shot went off the other surrounding creatures leapt at the man. There was a furious sound of ripping flesh and muffled roars. The man was slashed in a matter of seconds. After several seconds went by, and with everyone in shock of what just happened, the shot vampire let out a diabolical laugh and jumped straight up in the air about 20 feet. He landed with perfect grace and balance.

With a blank look on his face, Father D could barely believe what happened. He stood completely still as a rather large woman in the crowd let out a scream and ran straight for the door. Complete chaos broke out just then. The stood completely still while watching vampires leap at the women and men of the church swatting them down as if they were pesky flies. Father D finally came to his alert consciousness when he heard Lila scream. Realizing she was in danger, Father D took his all-state track skills to the maximum to get to Lila as fast as he could.

It was too late. The vampire who had lunged at her made a solitary swing and grazed her neck. He was coming back for another swipe when he saw he did not finish her off, but when he viewed Father D's face and emotion, he had a light of human sympathy flash across his mind. After landing in front of the two helpless victims, he spoke, "I will spare you, for I see I have caused you much pain, but if we ever meet again, it will not be the same..."

After this was said, the vampire let out a haunting low and dark roar. Exactly in precise timing, the vampires stood up, either from jumping at victims, or feasting on dead bodies, and leaped out of the main door quickly. The main vampire was the last one out, but before he exited, he gave a cold stare at Father D.

That is what Father D was remembering in the emergency room. The cold, icy stare pierced his heart. He could not shake that image from his mind. Just then, the door from the room where Lila was placed, the doctor walked out. He was looking at his feet while he slowly paced to Father D. He slowly glanced at Father D's eyes, and the doctor moved his decrepit head from side to side. He finally anounced, "I'm sorry, but she has passed on." Father D broke down in tears. He lost everything that night. In his mind, he decided to seek revenge on the vampires. "Those ungodly creatures will pay for what they have done to me," Father D said mentally. After gathering himself, Father D left the hospital, opened the door, and walked out into the night, waiting to meet the lone vampire again...

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