Survival Of The Fittest (Chapters 8 & 9)

By: Sean Buono (Shooter18)


Chapter 8

A sudden click from behind Aktur startled him. “Hey honey, long time no see.” He turned his head slightly to see who it was. Someone in a long dark coat was all he could make out without moving too much.
The voice carried on. “Remember me? Quite a few years back…? It’s been a while. Since I was down here but I remember now. Quite a few new bones you’ve collected I see.”
Suddenly, Aktur finally recognized the voice. “Quite a few years indeed! The priest isn’t it?”
“It’s Father D to you, scum…” Edgar who hadn’t seen him enter glanced at him. The priest had gradually walked up closer to Aktur, shotgun still pointed at him, with an eye on Edgar.
“Well, this just isn’t my night…everyone seems to want to come after me.” Suddenly, Aktur leaped up, pushing off from Nina’s stomach. At the same time, Father D shot, but only hit one of Aktur’s legs; he landed off to the side.
The other people were heard coming down the stairs. Eightball and Molly appeared, their weapons drawn and ready for combat.
“Need some help?” Molly said sarcastically.
“Aw come on!” Aktur became furious. “This is final. You all better run your asses out of here or you’re all dead.” He paused for a few seconds, waiting for people to leave. Everyone else did the same. Edgar and Nina together, the three slayers together, and Aktur all stood a distance from each other, with the decapitated corpse of Louis in the center of it all.
Aktur became calm again. “Very well. Let’s dance.”
The six of the warriors erupted into a total brawl after Aktur’s first dash. The slayers found it increasingly difficult to fight three different enemies yet not shoot each other as well. After a minute or so of lunging, shooting, slashing and dodging, Molly was on one of her last clips for her Uzi. She didn’t even imagine of a fight like this occurring, leaving her well unprepared on her ammo. Nina had been hit many times, even knocked down. Edgar made himself a decoy for the girl each time, making sure she got back up. After another thud of Nina’s corpse hitting the ground, Molly’s Uzi clicked, signaling the need for another clip. Aktur looked over at her, seeing this. Avoiding Eightball and Father D successfully, he began moving to her.
Molly started to panic after she felt for another clip at her belt, realizing she was all out. Aktur was getting closer by the second. Throwing down the Uzi, she grabbed for her crossbow, holstered on her back.
She was too slow. Eightball and Father D were occupied with the other two vampires, unable to notice Aktur, who had grabbed the crossbow as Molly brought it down in front of her, beginning in a battle of strength. The results almost immediately began to lean towards Aktur, who had pushed the crossbow to point to Molly’s head. She started to whimper from the strain put on her, as well as fear. Aktur’s finger fumbled for the trigger. After find it he pulled. The stake shot out of its place after a loud “thoomp!”, taking with it brain matter and blood then rattling onto the floor in the back of the chamber.
Still, Father D and Eightball were too busy with the others. Walking back, Aktur claimed his new target, a wicked grin splashed across his face. He was feet from Father D, who’s back was turned. Realizing just in time, he turned around and shot at the vampire’s chest. Aktur was pushed back from the force of the shotgun.
“Damn! Now that hurts!” He was on one knee. Eightball kept Edgar and Nina busy while Father D broke off towards Aktur. The shotgun discharged again. Aktur fell backwards slowly to the ground, denying his forced failure.
“No!” A scream from behind Father D made him turn around. Eightball was pinned down being slashed by both Nina and Edgar.
“Shit.” He ran toward Eightball, shooting then nailing Nina right in the face with a mouthful of buckshot. She flew backwards unconscious. Edgar managed to escape the blast in time, but couldn’t recover to save Nina. Father D had quickly staked her, ending her short vampire life right there.
It was down to three. Aktur had regained his strength, setting the stage for a free for all.

Chapter 9

Aktur sidestepped back and forth smugly. “So Father D, come to get your revenge you say? Hmph. It’s your own damn fault for trying me all those ago in the first place! It’s your own damn fault your whore for a wife and stupid child died!” Edgar spectated, discovering there was history behind the two.
“I’ve waited so long for this day. Just to meet you again face to face. I promised myself I’d avenge their deaths. I promised that I’ll kill you…and I will.”
“Hah! You’ve gotta catch me first, and have fun trying buddy.” He smiled scornfully.
Father D quickly readied his shotgun to fire. Aktur was again faster lunging and knocking the weapon out of his hand, leaving Father D hopeless. “Now what father D? Still going to kill me with your bare hands?” He laughed loudly and struck with his left hand. His nails only scratched Father D’s cheek though, for he discovered Edgar had his left arm under the striking arm and around the neck of Aktur, with his right holding Aktur’s other. If he struggled, Edgar couldn’t hold for long. “Go ahead.” Edgar whispered.
“You are NOT doing this! He’s a human! You are going to stand aside and let a mere human slay a fellow vampire?! Edgar damnit! You can’t do this! Let go!!”
Edgar didn’t buy his plea. “I figure we as vampires can do without an ass like you…pathetic how little shits like you think you’re better than others.” The two both had hostility towards Aktur. The both had deaths of close ones at his hands. Father D saw this, blood trickling down his right cheek from the scratches, which would leave his second set of scars from the beast.
Aktur began struggling again as Father D bent down to pick up the shotgun which was knocked away earlier. Slowly, he put it up to the side of Aktur’s head. Father D stayed silent, staring at him with anger and an aching for justice. Finally after a few more seconds of him struggling in Edgar’s arms, he pulled the trigger.
The blast of the shotgun blew his face and a small portion of his head off, splattering blood on the floor nearby. Edgar let the body drop, making a loud thud. The two peered at his head slowly regenerating. Father D quickly knelt down and staked, finishing him off. Aktur became no more. The two looked at each other, showing no expression.
Father D spoke first. “Thank you. Didn’t expect help…” He smiled. “Get out of here before you’re next on my list. Don’t cross my path and you’ll stay on my good graces.”
Edgar chuckled and started to walk away. He had to clear his mind, start coping with his losses. It would be lonely now without Louis and Nina…especially Louis…damnit would it be lonely. He was a loner again, back to trusting no one and staying that way. He needed a stiff drink. Aktur’s club came into mind. What was its future? Whose was it now? “Maybe I could give it a little visit” he thought as he climbed out of the ladder of the sewer and then walked into the night.
Father D looked around the chamber. He would have to drop an anonymous hint to the authorities. It most likely would go unsolved anyways…not like they would believe in vampires. The only thing he could do now was get out of there.
It was time to work alone again, for the human race now, not for his family. Finally avenging his family, Father D could peacefully go on, with newer goals. The night was still young, and there were still many more vampires out there…even Edgar.


The End

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