First Meeting by Eric Lawless (|3fr|Metal Man)

Father D carefully loaded his remaining few shells into his brand new shotgun, and stepped out the door of his truck. He walked slowly towards the exit of the parking garage, lost in his thoughts. His mind kept repeating over and over the events of the last week - the attack on his church, the hooded men, his daughter... He fought back tears as he tried not to picture it again, her face as she looked up desperately at him, holding her in her arms, and watching her life slip away. All because of these monsters, these... vampires. Those freaks would pay for what they had done to his daughter... oh yes, they would pay dearly.

Father D wiped the tears that had formed in his eyes away, and gripped the butt of his shotgun. He was on a mission, after all, and any distraction could cost him his life. He was on his way to the Capitol Cinema, and old movie theatre where there had been attacks similar to the ones in his church. He was going to teach those sons of bitches a lesson they wouldn't soon forget. As he walked out the entrance of the garage, something caught his eye. There was a grate to his right that had been pulled off the storm drain. Father D holstered his shotgun, walked over, and started to lift the grate back on. Suddenly his eyes widened in horror. There were claw marks all over the grate, some of them actually going right through the 2-inch thick steel. He dropped the grate, grabbed his shoutgun, spun around, and waited. Nothing but the rustling of a few papers as they blew along the city street. He was completely alone.

Suddenly, Father D knew what he had to do. Holstering his shotgun again, turned to face the storm drain, gripped the ladder with one hand, and swung himself down. Climbing as fast as he could, he reached the bottom and jumped down into the shallow water below. Adrenaline pumping through his system, Father D pulled out his shotgun and ran forward into the sewer.

Father D slammed to a halt just as the sewer opened up into a large room, lit by candles all along the walls. On his right was a huge wall covered in spikes, and stained with blood. Directly in front of him was an altar, and on top of it was a closed coffin. He did not want to know who, or what, was inside. As he walked farther into the room, Father D spun slowly around to get a better look at his surroundings. His eyes fell on a carving on the wall directly above the entrance to the room. Pulling out his flashlight, he shone the beam over the stone face, and his eyes widened in shock. On the wall were the words 'CARPE JUGULUM'. In english: to tear the throat.

Turning and striding purposefully through the room, Father D reached a corridor on the other side. Pressing himself against the cold stone wall, he walked slowly ahead, his shotgun at the ready. As he peered around the corner, a chilling sight met his eyes. The hooded vampires were gathered around a pentagram smeared in paint on the floor. Each sat in front of a candle, and they were all muttering under their breath. Suddenly, one of them looked up and spotted Father D at the far end of the corridor.

The vampire growled low in his throat, and sprang through the air. Father D pulled up his shotgun and fired in the same motion. The vampire stopped dead in mid-leap, and crashed to the ground, only feet away. Reaching down into his boot, Father D pulled out the stake he had carved before he left his church, dropped his shotgun, and gripped the crucifix he carried around his neck on a chain. Jumping forwards, he slammed the stake as hard as he could into the creature's chest. The vampire screamed in agony, as its life's blood slowly drained away. Pleased with himself, father D looked up, in time to see another vampire flying at him, its claws outstretched. Suddenly, Father D heard a twanging noise, and the vampire's chest exploded, covering him in blood and internal organs. Turning, Father D saw a young woman with a crossbow run into the room, just in time to greet the other 4 vampires.

Father D got up, and ran forward into the room. The four vampires who had been sitting around the pentagram suddenly awoke, and cast off their robes. An inhuman voice screamed, 'Foolish mortals! You will pay!'. The vampires suddenly leapt onto the walls, and propelled themselves at Father D and the young woman. Father D caught one of the vampires in the head with a shotgun blast, and ran to protect the young woman. as it turned out, she didn't need much protecting. Pulling an UZI submachine gun out of her belt, she ran forwards towards the vampires, and proceeded to turn the first creature's torso into mush. 'Stake it!', she screamed, as she pulled out her colt 1911 pistol and started firing at the other. Father D ran forwards, and drove his stake deep into the heart of the first vampire. Suddenly, the vampire that had been chasing him earlier flew over his head and landed on the wall. Father D jumped backwards, dropped his stake, pulled out his shotgun, and fired. The vampire took a direct hit in the chest... and kept moving. Father D fired again, and the vampire crumpled. A crossbow bolt whizzed by his head, and lodged itself in the vampire's chest. It gave a final roar, and died.

The woman turned to him and smiled. 'You alright?', she asked. Father D couldn't think of anything to say. Nothing really needed to be said. The woman stretched out her hand. 'My name is Molly.' He grasped her hand tightly. 'Father D.'


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